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A group of  HighTech Brazil HackTeam  welcomed the 2013  with a flood of attacks on several hundred Web sites worldwide, compromising the Web sites for the South African satellite TV service TopTV, the Greek National Printing Office, Indian wireless Internet provider Reliance Netconnect, and many others.

All hacked pages were defaced with the following message: "Hackeado por HighTech Brazil HackTeam - No\One - CrazyDuck - Otrasher - L34NDR0."

The hack mainly involves replacing key files  such as index.php, and is considered to be a low level attack. From the quick research I've done, there seems to be many sites taken down by these guys. Looks like (at a minimum) they upload/change the following files:

\public_html\index.php (overwritten)
\public_html\php.ini (uploaded)

I've also seen other things in the root path (not just the public_html).
These have been:
\ (yes, the root)

To recover from this annoyance, you will need to replace or rewrite index.php with the right fle.

"TopTV’s Heather Kennedy said that they are aware of the breach of security on its website," MyBroadband reports. Kennedy later told MyBroadband that the TopTV site doesn't contain any subscriber information or financial data. "Subscriber information is all contained in the separate and secure CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, which is unrelated in any way to the TopTV Web site," she said.

"Recently the official website of Interpol Indonesia National Central Bureau ( and many Singapore websites were also hacked by [the] same hackers," notes The Hacker News' Mohit Kumar.

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