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Why don't I just go with the cheapest hosting?

A host has to make a profit to continue operating. Some hosts do not properly understand the market, and may be pricing themselves too cheap. At times you will come across deals that are almost too good to be true - cheap web hosting with amazing features! There are hosts that while offering cheap prices do back that up with excellent performance and service, but there are things to be noted:

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Important Website Design Tips ?

These are some of the important Website Design Tips:

1. Don't use FRAMES.

2. Keep text minimal and to the point. Your main or primary message should on the first screen. It should not be without scrolling down the page or navigating though you web site.

3. Use "attention getting" headlines.

4. Offer something of value on the web site. Ex. A database, calendar, product FAQ, tech support, news letter subscription, etc.

5. Don't use italicized words.

6. Change font face to Arial, Helvetica for easier reading. Keep the font size large enough for easy reading.

7. Use different colors on headline text for emphasis.

8. Use indented lists where appropriate for easy reading.

9. Place redundant navigational buttons or links at the top and bottom of page for easy navigation.

10. Place your name, address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail link on every page.

11. Make website designing easy to request additional company/product information.

12. Don't include your own picture regardless how pretty you feel you are.

13. Minimize use of graphic files. Colored tables are an excellent way to add color without graphic file overhead.

14. If it's not important, don't put it on your web page.

15. Don't publish "Under Construction" pages.

16. Change page frequently.

17. Don't use Entrance or Doorway pages to your web site. You have only one opportunity to get your viewers attention. With Entrance pages, you've wasted your first opportunity to get your message across.

A Business Without a Website is Like…

a (Business) Man Without a face!

Most Businesses in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and the rest of Africa lack Websites....A business man without a face has no mouth to tell you who he is, how to reach him, what times he is available, what services or products he has to offer. His lack of any features and inability to communicate mean that it will be hard to get know him or decide whether you can trust him.

A business in the 21st century without an Internet presence is like that man. How will they know what you can do unless you have the ability to tell them? How will they know what you are like unless you can show them? How will they be able to find you unless you are able to direct them?

Big display ad in the Yellow Pages? Forget about it! Most people won’t cross the room to find the big yellow book in order to search through the arcane categories only to fail to find what they are looking for.

You’re phone number is in the White Pages, right? Surely, your customers can find you there. They can but they won’t! A majority of people now use a Search Engine to find the phone number of the the business that they already do business with, not a phone book!

In fact, half to two-thirds of the searchers who come to a business web site put the name of the business in some form or other into a Search Engine. They didn’t write down the number the last time they called it. They didn’t program it into their phone. Why bother with that when they can find a phone number in a few moments by searching the Internet for it ?

Of course, that assumes that when an existing customer or prospective customer comes looking for you by your name that you have a web site so it can show up and tell them what they want to know. They wanted something, your phone number, your hours, your location, details on your products or services but they didn’t get it! Not from you, anyway. So, if you don’t have a web site, and somebody want to get in touch with you but can’t, what will they do? Maybe they will find it somewhere else. In any event, you already have a strike against you. You’re still operating your business in the last century while most of your customers are living in this one. Think about it. Only a customer with perseverance will succeed in finding you when you’re operating in Internet stealth mode by not having a web site!

You, yourself, probably use Search Engines frequently to get information about businesses that provide products or services that you need. Everybody does…but if you have no web site to tell your story, they won’t find you!

The absence of a web presence in the Internet age is devastating. People are searching on the Internet for exactly what you do! How much are you spending to find new customers? What are you doing to help them find you? So, if you don’t have a web site, you need to get one! Any web site is better than none. Even a crummy web site will allow your existing customer’s to stay in touch with you but why stop there? It’s not very hard to have a good web site that will be found by prospective customers. We’ll be talking about that in a subsequent post.

Bottom line: If you’re like a man without a face, your competitor’s may be attracting your customers away from you and also getting the new customers that you should be getting. It’s time that you start planning to find your voice, tell your story, let them know who you are and why they should give their business to you. Stay tuned. Help is here!

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